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PSA Newsletter 09: Privacy, Security, Automation!

Strongbox Review, Blockers and Browser Extensions, HomeKit hubs, and more...


Strongbox (macOS/iOS/iPadOS) is a privacy-focused password manager that uses KeePass (kdbx) file format. That's a huge deal, as it means you can easily move your password vaults to another password manager like the free, but slightly less polished KeePassXC (multiplatform). Another major selling point is this is one of the only password managers that natively supports on-premise WebDAV sync. If you have a Synology NAS or other NAS appliance with WebDAV file syncing, you can synchronize your Strongbox vaults across multiple devices. A final point I can't stress enough: Strongbox supports MFA via hardware token (like YubiKey) and Key File, in addition to a password. Strongbox offers a range of fantastic versions (local-only, family, business, etc.) and payment options (one-time or subscription). Highly recommended. [1]


Here are the blockers and browser extensions I use to keep myself safe/sane when browsing the web in Safari:

  1. 1Blocker
  2. AMP Shockwave - Redirects AMP pages to their normal pages
  3. Amplosion - Another extension for redirecting AMP pages. AMP is Google's attempt to lock normal web traffic into its ecosystem. This extension prevents that from happening.
  4. Vinegar - Makes YouTube bearable on Mobile Safari. Removes Ads, replaces the player with an HTML5, iOS-friendly equivalent, and more
[2] [3]


Want to get started with Apple HomeKit? The following devices are HomeKit hubs. That is, they can allow you to "control your HomeKit and Matter accessories while you're away from home, share control of your accessories with others, and automate your accessories to do what you want, when you want"

  1. HomePod
  2. HomePod Mini
  3. Apple TV
  4. iPad was once a supported Home Hub, but is no longer supported