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PSA Newsletter 06: Privacy, Security, Automation!

App Suggestions! Floccus, Little Snitch, and an Apple Shortcuts tip...


For keeping your bookmarks synchronized, try floccus. You can back up your bookmarks to your favorite WebDAV server (like your new Synology NAS) and keep them in sync without having to use an outside service. [1]


Ever wonder exactly when and where your apps are sending data? Little Snitch by Objective Development is a personal firewall and network monitor that notifies you in real time when an application sends data from your Mac. You can deny or allow connections as you see fit. Handy item for keeping track of "chatty" apps. [2]


Apple Shortcuts includes a "Run Script Over SSH" action that allows you to define a script, connection details, and credentials, and run it at the press of a button. For example, I use this shortcut to safely shutdown systems at home when I'm out and all I have is my phone.

Random Non-Tech Tip or Trick

Grinding your own coffee beans right before brewing is the best way to improve the taste and composition of your coffee. The Baratza Encore is a solid burr grinder for a relatively low price, and does a great job. [3]