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PSA Newsletter 04: Privacy, Security, Automation!

Eve Sold to a Large Conglomerate, How Microsoft Edge is Horrible, a Live Photos and App Permissions warning, and more...


The Privacy-focused home automation company Eve has sold to a multinational conglomerate, ABB. Until proven otherwise, deny all firmware updates to their devices and consider them a potential privacy and security liability. If you absolutely must update their products, make sure to read the release notes![1]

Microsoft Edge sends the URLs of the images you view to Microsoft.This is an Edge non-starter for me, but details to turn off this setting can be found at the source link.[2]


Granting apps access to all photos allows them to listen to the spoken Audio in your live photos without showing the Mic indicator (orange dot) in the status area[3]


Automatic Podcast Downloads! If you have a Synology NAS (increasingly becoming my favorite home server appliance), you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite podcasts and download them as .mp3's, available for use on the media player of your choicel. Been toying with this concept for a while and I'm happy with the results so far. [4][5]