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A Short Newsletter for Everybody. Tips and advice on Privacy, Security, and Automation...

A Short Introduction

In my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many talented people on very challenging projects. In that time, I've researched best practices, observed and predicted several trends, and effectively distilled everything I've learned down into the most useful bits. This newsletter is the result of all that time, effort, and curation. Thanks for taking a look!


Why Privacy? Because privacy is a fundamental right for everyone. Privacy allows us to gather our thoughts, reason with ourselves and each other, and if desired, respectfully challenge existing ideas. In the digital age, it's very easy to lose or inadvertantly surrender one's privacy. This section will help you regain and maintain your privacy when online.


Privacy can't be maintained without security. Here, I'll describe some of the basic security practices for securing personal data I've used or otherwise come across in my career.


Manually doing things is one way to use a computer (or smartphone), but Automation is where we can save a ton of time and effort. This section will demonstrate some basic concepts in automation and how to automate basic tasks.

Heads Up!

This section is for time-sensitive or otherwise critical news. It won't always be present in every newsletter, but when it is, it'll be for a very specific reason.


I'll do my best to answer questions on broad topics here. Questions are welcome at!